Jonathan Pirnay

I am a research assistant doing my PhD in the field of reinforcement learning at the bionformatics lab at the Technical University of Munich.

Before that I worked as a technical consultant in the AI team of Fujitsu's Digital Incubation unit, designing, implementing and deploying tailored AI algorithms for various customers.

I hold a master's degree in mathematics from the University of Regensburg. I wrote my master's thesis in arithmetic geometry about Tropical Cycle Classes for the Berkovich Analytification of Algebraic Varieties and my bachelor's thesis about Tropical Hypersurfaces of Laurent Polynomials, both studying the combinatorial shadow of algebraic varieties, the central object of study in algebraic geometry.

Before mathematics I studied Visual Communications at the University of Kassel where I did my master thesis together with Jörn Röder about the protocol and implementation of an anonymous decentralized filesharing network. Find the concept of the network here, the protocol here and the proof of concept here.

You can find my old website with projects I did in Kassel here.


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